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The above lines are lifted from a self proclaimed Bingo Bible. You ladies murmur these phrases before playing your favorite online Bingo game? No? You should memorize it. A study undertaken by researchers of the Psychology Department, University of Southampton informs that by playing bingo online our minds can remain sharp and agile. Further research also support a theory that a regular game of online Bingo can be beneficial for the brain. For aging people like us playing an interactive bingo on net is likely to benefit you in at least three ways. You can have fun, a chance to win some great cash and you get mental exercise as well. Isn't that cool?

What are the Advantages of Internet Bingo Games?
Until few years ago, land based casinos have successfully replicated their brick-and-mortar empires in to the virtual space- read online. So, what makes Bingo games played on net so successful? A rapid popularity in this game can be attributed to people (even elderly) getting used to technological advancement plus availability of a wide range of user friendly systems in place. Let's check the TOP FIVE advantages of playing Bingo online.

1. Variations - Today there are more than few hundred games to choose from, while playing Bingo online. There are slot games like Citrus 7, Double Scoop, Diamond Surprise, Get Cracking, Hollywood Reels, Karat Crazy, Rainforest Riches, Super 7s, Trolling For Treasure, Three Times The Riches and lot more. Furthermore, a player today also has a choice of gambling and playing in progressive jackpots and multi-line slots. There are many other Jackpot games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat and keno etc.

2. Convenience - This is true, internet bingo games online or iGambling has offered people today tailor made games that will suit needs of every player. iGambling has gained much popularity owing to the 'convenience' factor. You can play the game from the comforts of your house, you can watch the TV, do the household chores and at the same breath play Bingo on net. You will just have to be over 21 years of age, a running computer set and a reliable net connection.

3. Cheap and Accessible - Most of the web based Bingo platforms initially will provide you an option to try the game for free. You will use this opportunity to practice the game without any deposits being done. This way you keep working, playing and understanding the process of the game and eventually play for cash, once confident.

4. Secure - There is an impending apprehension surrounding the security of Bingo websites. Just to inform that most websites are 100% secure, else they would have been shut down by now if any irregularities are found. Most bingo sites like bingo-knights do use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption system, which means that the SSL acts like a filter basically. The software will cypher personal and private messages and other vital information and will let any unauthorized party to have access to those messages and also protects users from passwords thefts and account hacking etc. The SSL feature is mainly utilized by financial institutions like banks, credit card companies etc. Any bingo site claiming to have a valid SSL certificate is expected to be a secure website. Other security softwares are Ipoint, Neteller, Click2Pay and Bank Wire.

5. Bonus Coins - Online casino and Bingo sites will offer lucrative and very attractive cash points and bonuses etc to any first time player. It is like a bait. The bait could be in form of physical prizes like utilities hard cash, lottery prizes, draws and/or EXTRA credits on first deposits etc. It is a normal practice for more players to join in, because if more players mean higher jackpot money. Besides, there are also daily, weekly and monthly fun games and contests and many more bonus-offer promotions. During the course of the games, many additional bonus, coins and benefits are offered by site hosts, chat managers and admin. Many Bingo sites also give bonus rounds plus free spins.

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