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Asian Betting Throughout the Years 500BC to 21st century



Asian Betting Throughout the Years 500BC to 21st century.


The Far East is a key location for gambling, infact possibly the largest across the world. Betting is against the law in most of Asia, nevertheless for centuries people have still been playing.

Gambling is across all of Asia, from Indonesia to Vietnambut it is China that is the most significant participant in the gambling industry.It's not surprising that it was as early as 700BC that some sort of betting was being played.It is widely though that traditional playing cards came from tudor times in England, in fact they actually came from Asia and that Saracens brought packs of cards from Asia on their travels to Europe.Betting, wagering, gambling; whatever you choose to call it, has long been played across Asia since before Christ was born, now that’s just incredible!


Gambling was common across Asia between years 200-400BC, everyone was wanting to gamble on the outcomes of games.The dynasties were the front runners in betting games and it was them that made the experience popular all over the Asian countries.Obviously, betting includes its own troubles, and it was around this early time of the Chinese Dynasties the 1st betting issues happened.

In the period between AD 618 and 1127 wagering grew even larger in level of popularity and it started to be a way of earning a living for some people.China then began to have some issues with gambling turning out to be so widespread, the gangs of various Chinese states wanted to take advantage of the population and even authorities were laundering taxation Yen into their own pockets.Gambling establishments as they are now, begun to emerge in the 1850s, but within just 100 years the sport was made illegal in 1949 in China.

Companies like Mansion 88have taken Asia by storm because of the the rise in smartphone use.

The captivation with gambling seems to be interconnected with the Chinese notion in other concepts such as luck, fate and chance.

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