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If you have ever seen a picture of Tom Dwan or even watched him play on television, you would really have to ask yourself the question, "Is he even allowed to be in the vicinity of a poker table"?

He looks like he is just getting ready to go to his High School prom, what's he doing playing some of the biggest pots in the history of live poker. If you ever heard him talk than you might be able to convince yourself that he is underage.
Make no mistake, Dwan is legally allowed to buy a drink and in terms of poker he's light years ahead of the curve considering he's still in his twenties.

He is the prototypical poster child for college drop outs or kids in their twenties thinking they can make a living making poker. It has been the told the legend of 'durrrr' began on his 17th birthday, when he convinced his father to deposit 50 dollars on Party Poker (don't we wish we all parents like that).

His initial venture into $6 Sit and Go's, was not successful as he was very soon down to only $15 in his account. Convinced that he wouldn't be able to talk his parents into making another deposit for him, he entered his final 2 S&G's and finished in 1st place in one of them (to think there would be no durrrr if he hadn't placed in one of those S&G's). He kept playing at S&G's until he built his bankroll over $300 (a pretty modest amount). He then shifted his focus on to the micro-stakes cash games. In his own words as he reminisced:

"I remember the first time I won $100 in a day. I was playing 25¢-50¢, and I thought it was so awesome."

As his bank roll kept getting bigger he moved up to the higher limits and moved on to PokerStars. By the the end of his senior year of high school durrrr had amassed over 10,000 dollars, not bad considering other kids his age would flipping burgers to make money. As he entered his freshman year of college at Boston University, Dwan realized that he was concentrating more on Poker than on his studies. He had to make a choice, as he was already up 150,000 dollars in online poker he chose to concentrate full time on poker. Dwan is one of the young guns in the poker world, at 19 he placed 12th place at the EPT London event. Once he turned 21 he immediately started placing at the U.S tournament events. He made a WPT final table at Foxwoods, finished 2nd at a Borgata Winter Open preliminary event and finished 9th the 2008 WPT championships. In the 2010 WSOP he made a prop bet with Phil Ivey, Howard Lederer and Daniel Negreanu among others that he would win a bracelet. He came agonizingly close finished 2nd at a 1,500 No limit event and missing out on 5 Million dollars in prop winnings.

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